Low-Cal Microwave Herbed Popcorn

Low-Cal Microwave Herbed Popcorn by Foodtastic Mom

I considered adding “but still delicious” to the title of this popcorn recipe because it really, truly is. And if you are like me and try out new low-calorie foods when you see them in the grocery (often on impulse) you KNOW there a lot of food products out there that just aren’t delicious. 

I can also safely say that my view of microwave popcorn has been forever changed. I’ve popped corn a handful of times on the stovetop, to varying results, but I’d not yet tried throwing dry popcorn in a plain paper bag. Mine are large sized lunch bags I found at my local grocery by the way. 


Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate

Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate by Foodtastic Mom

Such a cute statement I made the other day when posting about waffles… that I hoped our kids only had one snow day this week.
We’ve had four snow/cold days in a row here in Cincinnati and Mother Nature is throwing another Winter Storm Advisory our way for tonight and tomorrow. Kind of like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade… life has given me a frozen landscape, so I decided to make some frozen hot chocolate. 


Whole Grain Waffle Mix

Whole Grain Waffle Mix by Foodtastic Mom

Every time I hear the word waffles, I hear it in Donkey’s voice. I can’t help it. And it makes me smile every. single. time. 





So you’d think I’d have been making my own waffles for years now, but no, the very first time was this morning… and it happens to be a snow day here in Cincinnati. It’s only our second one for the school year, so I’m pretty happy about it. Though I’m hopeful everyone will be back at school tomorrow. We are coming off a 4-day weekend already…


Chocolate Chip Muffins with Raspberry Almond Streusel

Chocolate Chip Muffins with Raspberry Almond Streusel by Foodtastic Mom

So what are your big plans for Valentine’s Day? My husband and daughter will be going to the Daddy Daughter Dance our township hosts every year. It’s so big that several years ago they had to extend it to have two separate nights to accommodate all the Dads and their Daughters… so cute! 

Consequently, Tom and I celebrated the day early and went to dinner at one of Jeff Ruby’s steak houses, Carlo & Johnny. We joked it’s a once a decade treat because of the final bill. But wow, those dry-aged steaks were perfectly cooked and oh, so tasty. For dessert we shared a slice of warm butter pie (!) and a slice of peanut butter cream pie topped with chocolate ganache. I about died and went to heaven and used up my calories for the next three days. But it was worth it. 


Kale Corn Chowder

This post has been compensated by Mazola Corn Oil, as part of my affiliation with them as a Brand Ambassador. As with all my sponsored posts, I don’t agree to promote a product unless I already was using it in my own kitchen. All opinions are my own.

Kale Corn Chowder by Foodtastic Mom

I can tell you that this is a green soup my children absolutely loved. The bacon probably helped. Neither one of them has ever balked much about eating something green in color. That being said, the few times I’ve stirred kale into a soup, and it’s left floating there like little shriveled lily pads, they have both turned up their noses and said “gross, Mom”. So they are definitely not on the kale bandwagon and honestly it’s not my favorite thing to eat either. There are many other vegetables I’d choose first, like asparagus or even brussels sprouts.


Lighter Lemon Cream Pasta

Lighter Lemon Cream Pasta by Foodtastic Mom

I really wanted to call this a “one pot pasta” because the creamy, lemony alfredo-like sauce is what cooks the pasta… no separate boiling of water required, which means this dinner is not only much lighter than a typical alfredo, but it’s super convenient to throw together. However, the one pot pasta craze is all about cooking the toppings in the same pot and I didn’t want to have soggy sausage and over-cooked broccoli.