Spring Vegetable Soup & Buttermilk Corn Bread

Spring Vegetable Soup and Buttermilk Corn Bread by Foodtastic Mom

My weekend consisted of lots of cooking, though none for the blog until today. Tom and I volunteered for a swim team job Saturday morning and had a wedding to attend that same evening. In between, I baked a batch of THESE scones. Some were part of a birthday gift for my mom. Some were for our house guests on Sunday. I also cooked up THIS sauce, THIS bread and THIS dessert for our Sunday dinner with our friends. It was a full but fun KEEP READING

Bunny Box Lunch

Bunny Box Lunch by Foodtastic Mom This lunch for my kiddos might be one of my favorites ever. I try and strike a balance in our real life and on the blog between whole foods and processed, always erring on the side of real, whole food as the majority. This lunch, I think is a pretty good representation of that, plus it’s cute!

The bunny bun idea comes from a blog I regular like on Facebook, Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. Her boys really KEEP READING

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto by Foodtastic Mom

I thought about titling this post Basic or Simple Mushroom Risotto, but that sounded way too ordinary. And trust me, risotto is anything but ordinary. My kids gobble this up with more enthusiasm than their favorite macaroni and cheese. They LOVE it. Of course in any busy family’s life, the macaroni and cheese has it’s place, but I’m not OK with it being the expected thing from me. Macaroni and cheese KEEP READING

Kroger Easter Basket Hop

Kroger #EasterBasketHop
Kroger is headquartered in my city of Cincinnati, Ohio and one of the largest Kroger Marketplace grocery stores in Ohio happens to be located less than one mile from my front door. We bike there in nice weather now that we have sidewalks on our street. It is beyond convenient, and while I always shop with a list, feeding our family and running my blog means I’m shopping there at least twice per week. 

So when Sitewire contacted me on behalf KEEP READING

Bird Nest Donuts

Bird Nest Donuts from Foodtastic Mom

Is it donut or doughnut? According to the Wilton packaging they are doughnut pans. I’ve for some reason always typed donut, and I’ve seen it numerous times written both ways. Regardless, donuts are GOOD. And they are fun. I have fun with my food but I don’t often make super fun food, in that it’s meant to look like something else. There are lots of blogs out there that are really, really good at it and I prefer to let them do KEEP READING

Green Apple Cookie Butter Oatmeal Smoothie

Green Apple Cookie Butter Oatmeal Smoothie

It’s Spring Break for us. Well, it’s Spring Break for my children this week, meaning I am in charge of them. My husband’s school was on break last week. Since our schedules didn’t match this year, my mini-vacation is taking the kids up to spend a few days with my parents and aunt in my hometown of Springfield, Ohio.

My still favorite place to visit when we travel up here is Young’s Jersey Dairy. Check out their website if you are curious. KEEP READING