Kitchen Music





So here’s a thing with me… I am passionate about music. Listening to it, at least. The video is because that song and Pearl Jam are one of my favorites ever. I got to see them live a couple of years ago and have Eddie Vedder wish me a Happy Mother’s Day (big swoon). Granted, he wished the entire arena in Cleveland, Ohio the same, but it’s a minor detail.

Apparently with age comes acute stage fright though, at least with me. In middle and high school, I performed in musicals, was a 4-year choir member and went to NYC for Spring Break with some drama/music peeps. I was in “Swing Chorale” for goodness sake, way before Glee made it (sort of) cool.

Our girls’ costume consisted of silky black top, black and gold MID CALF glitter swing skirt and gold cumberbun thingy. Thank the heavens no pictures of that showed up on my Facebook page at 20-year reunion time. I did find a pic via Google that gives the flavor of what I’m describing, hair and all…

Made in the 80’s we were. Wow.

So, maybe stage fright is a good thing. These days I’ve always got my iPod hooked up when I am cooking in the kitchen. I was thinking about it recently and there are a million music mixes for workouts, but what about for your precious, creative time in the kitchen? Here’s what I ‘m currently listening to {I’ll update it every once in a while, when the mood strikes}. Feel free to comment with your own favorites, if you are like me and enjoy a little background music with your cooking.

Kitchen Music Mix by Foodtastic Mom