singing in the rain

My name is Jill and I love to play with my food. That’s me up there at Disney’s Hollywood Studios pretending to sing in the rain. It’s an appropriate picture to get to know me because I’m a kid at heart and music can always lighten my mood.

I’m no super-mom. I am most definitely a work in progress when it comes to my organizational skills and juggling my daily mom duties. But my number one hobby has always been cooking and baking. Through years of practice, I’ve become an accomplished home cook. The kitchen is the one place I can always go if I need to feel “super”.

My husband Tom and I have a 11-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter. Their chosen sport so far is swimming. They both play piano, sing in the church and school choirs and are involved in Scouting. In other words we are a busy family! People assume they were born adventurous eaters, and I can assure they were not. It’s only through sheer willpower to not become a short order cook on my part that they are now, finally, starting to appreciate my cooking.

About Me - Foodtastic Mom

Things that make me super happy include music (see my Kitchen Music page HERE), yoga, swimming laps, a good book, Cincinnati Bengals games and Netflix. Also breakfast for dinner and bacon. Here’s my kids serving me stuffed french toast with raspberry syrup and bacon for my birthday…

Foodtastic Mom

I hope you stick around a while and get hungry. Enjoy!